Vine branches


Create your own vine  and unleash youcreativity.
We offer three sizes of vine branches so you can create green spaces wherever you want.

The Vine in the images was created with a large and medium branch.

Large: Branch composed of 12 sheets of different sizes. A pair of tendrils and a smaller twig. Length: 70 cm
Medium: Branch composed of 10 sheets of different sizes. Length: 50cm
Small: Branch composed of 6 sheets of different sizes. Perfect to simulate climbing up. Length: 20 cm

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All ready!

I'm sure I'll be perfect on the living room table...
Remember that we are handmade, so it may take a couple of days from your order until we are ready to ship. ?

jungla, plantas de papel. ramas de vid

100% handmade

Cut, glued, mounted, screen printed or painted… the whole process is manual, so when you buy a plant in Jungle, you are buying a little piece from us.

Each plant is unique

Being handmade plants, each plant is unique, so each plant will look different. Each plant is like a sculpture, with its small variations.

Production time

Usually the term of creation of a plant is estimated at 3 working days, sometimes the order may take a few more days. We will inform you of the status of the order through email.

jungla, plantas de papel. ramas de vid1
jungla, plantas de papel. ramas de vid1

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Large, Medium, Small


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