Monstera leafs


A piece of jungle wherever you want.

Two large palm leaves.
Size: 28 x 24,5cm plus 42cm


All ready!

I'm sure I'll be perfect on the living room table...
Remember that we are handmade, so it may take a couple of days from your order until we are ready to ship. ?

jungla, plantas de papel hojas de monstera

100% handmade

Cut, glued, mounted, screen printed or painted… the whole process is manual, so when you buy a plant in Jungla, you are buying a little piece from us.

Each plant is unique

Being handmade plants, each plant is unique, so each plant will look different, like a sculpture, with its small variations.

Production time

Usually the production time of a plant is 3 days, sometimes the order may take a few more days. We will inform you of the status of the order through email.

jungla, plantas de papel hojas de palma y monstera
jungla, plantas de papel hojas de monstera2

Additional information

Weight15,01 kg

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