Paper plants

Welcome to the Jungle!

Don't water anymore ☔
Sun or shadow, it's all good 👌🏽
The perfect gift for a plantkiller 🔪
If you are in love, we are the gift 🥰
Jungla plantas de papel, totem vid y pilea

Welcome to the Jungle!

Hello! We are delighted to see you in our online store. If you like plants but you are not a good gardener, you travel a lot or want to make a very special gift, you are in the right place!

Each plant we make is unique and unrepeatable, since they are made with manual processes; That’s why we think that each one has a little piece of us inside.

Potted plants

Explore our variety of paper plants and turn your house into a garden.


An ancient Japanese gardening technique, now on paper.

Branches and corsages

Vases, glasses, cans … be imaginative and decorate any corner.

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Stone, paper, scissors, glue and sometimes even screen printing, all Jungle plants are patiently handmade…  read more.